Lovecraft Country and Schitt’s Creek

Lovecraft Country and Schitt's Creek

I tend to rewatch Sex and the City and Friday Night Lights repeatedly instead of trying new shows (except for Normal People, which is the best romance!), but I recently finished two discoveries that are both in my top 5 favorites ever. I waited for Lovecraft Country to premier back in August and aside from two episodes I disliked, it exceeded my expectations! Jonathan and Lo have told me for probably a year to watch Schitt’s Creek as it’s one of their most loved and watched shows, but I refused for no reason in particular. I watched a few episodes with Lo when I stayed at her house for 10 days in January, but I didn’t fully get into it until last month. Now that I’ve finished both, Lovecraft Country and Schitt’s Creek are two of my favorite overall discoveries in 2020!

I describe Lovecraft Country as a horror/sci-fi/drama about the terrors of racism and anti-Blackness and it’s all of that and more. The show’s premise is about Atticus Freeman, his uncle George, and friend Letitia Lewis going on a road trip to a place called Ardham in search of his missing father Montrose. On the way, they run from murderous white people, murderous white cops, and giant monsters called Shoggoths, but what they encounter when they reach their destination is an even more horrifying group of white people they’re tied to for the rest of the show. Each of the episodes focuses on one character or story line with the overarching plot still being the connections these characters have to the Braithwhite family—white supremacists who use magic at every turn. The two episodes of Lovecraft Country I didn’t care for were “A History of Violence” and “Strange Case” because they each had excessive violence that I thought was triggering and completely unnecessary. My favorites were “Sundown (pilot),” “Meet Me in Daegu,” “I Am,” and “Rewind 1921.” I’m not sure if the show needs or will get a season 2, but if it does, I will definitely tune in!

I just finished Schitt’s Creek last night and my puffy Quasimodo eyes are a reflection of how incredible the final season and the show as a whole were! I must apologize again to my bffs for ignoring their recommendation because this show is a real gem. The Roses—Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis—are initially a family of out of touch rich people who lose their millions when their accountant steals from them and disappears. They’re forced to move to a town called Schitt’s Creek that Johnny bought for David as a joke many years prior. When they get there, the small town and its simple people is extremely unappealing to them, as is living together in an off-the-road motel. As the seasons progress, however, the Roses slowly make Schitt’s Creek their home, the people they befriend become chosen family, and the four of them actually love each other. The best part of the series is the humor, which all starts with David (Jonathan’s TV doppelgänger), who is probably the funniest person in a show ever. His and Alexis’ sibling scenes are some of my favorites because they interact in such a realistic way. Moira is unable to pronounce words correctly and she invokes an undetectable accent, while she accessorizes with a new wig each episode. I love the characters’ relationships with each other and seeing them find a home in Schitt’s Creek with each other was the best and most heartbreaking part!