Let’s Talk About My Money Problems

Where all my money problems stem from

*I’m using this picture as a tribute to Baylor, because it took all of my dignity and finances and left me with a paper degree and anxiety-increasing money problems.

If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you would know that I probably talk way too much about my personal life including my mental illnesses and all of the other problems that exist in my young life, so it seems obvious that I would include complaints about my current money problems aka the student loan debt that will exist forever! I think (just kidding, I know) I took my time in college for granted and ignored the fact that I would have to one day pay back all of my debt while I somehow save for New York and pay my bills simultaneously. So basically, I should have listened to every adult I know and I shouldn’t have rushed to grow up. I’m so lucky now that I have a job I truly enjoy and I’ve been given opportunities to make money as a freelance writer, but it’s taking a little while to remember that nonprofit work requires more budgeting. For that reason and the mental gymnastics it’s taking to keep all my expenses and savings goals in order, I recently purchased a budgeting planner where I can document my weekly expenses, monthly bills, savings goals, upcoming costs, and my sources of income. The budgeting planner is going to force me to stay organized and on top of my finances, but my money problems are still weighing on me like I’m Rebecca Bloomwood in the best 2000s rom com (except my shopaholic tendencies are tied to my student loans!). Even logging on to SallieMae also known as Satan’s playground gives me so much anxiety, but I’ve found it incredibly helpful and comforting to talk about my debt with other people my age both in person and online. I don’t think we talk about finances and money issues with people enough, so breaking the stigma around student loan debt and the amounts we all owe is refreshing. I’ve probably annoyed my parents enough with my constant complaints about money, so I welcome any and all advice on how to stay positive and motivated and avoid spiraling back into depression when it comes to money and debt!