Leopard and Lavender

Leopard and lavender outfit

Madewell dress (similar here), Mango top via Poshmark, Amazon socks, Adidas shoesKinn Studio locketJames Avery Texas charm, Rat charm (similar here), Charmco Football charmAnygolds carabinerHASUKIKU dog clipGorjana necklace

If I kept count of the number of times I wear certain closet items, I would not shock myself. I need to start utilizing Indyx to catalogue my clothing/accessory pieces, tag each item, and track my cost-per-wear to realize where I’m paying pennies on the dollar vs. where I haven’t made use of my purchases! I have had this sheer purple mesh top I bought from Poshmark (originally from Mango) on a near weekly rotation and I’m still obsessed with styling it as many times as possible! Since I started discovering my personal style and experimenting with layers, contrast, and exorbitant color, I’ve recognized the pieces I tend to reach for most with this top being one of them. I’ve previously styled it here, here, and here, and most recently paired it with another beloved and well-worn piece—my leopard wrap dress from Madewell. Before I started my styling journey, I would have worn the leopard dress on its own with a pair of black or brown shoes as matching was queen in my mind. However, now that I know “matching” is a myth and every color and pattern is a neutral, I decided to combine two of my most worn items in the leopard dress and purple top to create an outfit that’s immensely more fun, exciting, and personal for every day. I added to the colorful contrasting elements by including my Adidas Handball Spezial sneakers that have been on a nearly daily rotation with sage green frilly socks. Indyx would love this outfit styling, and I personally would gather much joy from seeing how much money I’m saving by wearing these pieces on repeat!


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