Leaving For College

The time has finally come for me to leave home for college. After eight years of searching for the perfect university (I know, I started when I was 10!), I found it in Waco, Texas. It seems like I’ve been preparing for this day for over half of my life and now it’s here! I’m both completely terrified and excited at the same time and I’m pretty sure that’s normal for every kid leaving home for the first time. I know that Baylor is the perfect school for me as it has amazing football and basketball (among other sports), a real college campus, great food and nice people, etc but I’m a bit overwhelmed as I’m leaving my beautiful Hawai‘i. As I’ll be gone for around four months, I’m even more dedicated to the stability of my blog in order to keep all of my friends and family updated on what I’m getting up to in Texas. I hope that I make friends easily and have an overall incredible experience during my first semester and I’ll keep you all updated on how I’m doing! Here goes nothing!