Learning to Say Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a dear friend

Since I graduated from college in May, I’ve had to say goodbye to more of my friends and loved ones than I would have liked. I knew that leaving school and the life I built for myself for four years would be extremely difficult because my sister had the hardest time saying goodbye to her friends and university four years prior. But because I was experiencing that loss for the first time myself 9 months ago, I spiraled into a fairly dark place. Thankfully, I knew I would be back in Waco in January for Jonathan and Urn’s wedding where I would see my best friends (and some other close friends who were still in school), and I was already in a better place because of my new jobs. During January though, I had to say goodbye to yet another person in my life I deeply cared about when he moved to California. If you know me well, you’d know that I hate when people leave or move away or have lifestyle changes that require shifts in the friendship or relationship, and that’s exactly what happened with this person who left for California. It was good timing though, because I was distracted by my trip to Texas where I reunited with my closest friends and didn’t have time to think about the goodbye I just shared. But only 10 days later, I had to leave my Waco people for who knows how long, which made this goodbye even more difficult than the one back in May. And on Friday, I will part ways with my best work friend Moriah (pictured above) as she returns to law school in Boston. I’m extremely thankful that we met because we’re extremely similar and have become close almost instantly, but it is a bummer that she’s leaving so shortly after I started working. I’m trying to remember that goodbyes don’t always mean forever and that I should be grateful to have so many people I love in different parts of the world, but I only feel sad that we can’t be together all the time. I’m trying to learn how to treasure each of my relationships and know that many of my loved ones are only a plane ride or Facetime call away. For now though, how about another therapy session?