Layering Lashes

Over they years, I’ve grown quite fond of all things lashes. From tightlining to spending an extra 10 minutes on primers and extending fibers, big bold eyelashes have become a staple in my beauty routine. One of my favorite tricks in order to achieve the blackest and most voluminous lashes is to layer my favorite mascaras. Not all mascaras are created equally so I’ve been pairing one that lengthens with one that plumps.

The two mascaras that I’ve been obsessed with lately are the Makeup Forever Smoky Extravagant and the Urban Decay Perversion. Smoky Extravagant adds a ton of length to my medium-ish lashes and Perversion pumps up the volume factor. The two combined create the biggest boldest lashes I’ve ever had without looking overly spidery or fake. For those who don’t like to apply or wear false lashes, then this combination is for you!