Layered in Lemon and Orange

Lemon and orange outfit
Close top view
Half close up shot

Urban Outfitters dress via Poshmark (similar here), Target shirtUniqlo sweater, Coach bag, Zara scarf (old), Kinn Studio necklaceGorjana necklace, Amazon socks, Sam Edelman shoes via Poshmark

I have countless outfit photos for blog posts sitting in my drafts since I started documenting my daily outfits more in my small hallway mirror and in my workplace bathroom (apparently not the most disgusting place to document my looks)! I’m trying to get through as many outfits from the spring and summer—I know, we’re fairly backlogged over here—before we truly get underway with fall, because I’ve been absolutely thrilled with the looks I put together since the start of 2023. Using inspiration from some of my favorite fashion creators like Heather Hurst of pigmami and Allison Bornstein (can I mention these two any more?), I’m constantly inspired to put outfits together and truly style my looks, not just wear pieces as is. Layering has been my go-to for daily looks, and even though it’s been hotter than hell over the past few months, I’ve tried to incorporate layers through my clothing items and accessories. I’ve also discovered that two of my favorite and most worn colors are lemon yellow and bright orange (if you haven’t noticed from my outfit posts over the past nine months)! I put lemon and orange together in two separate elements in this outfit and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

I started with my favorite A New Day t-shirt from Target (last seen in this post with another colorful layered outfit of course) and wore it under a tight-fitting Urban Outfitters denim dress I purchased on Poshmark. I love the dress alone as a sexier standalone, but it looks especially me with other pieces floating around and on it! My Uniqlo sweaters are on constant rotation at least 3 times each week, and my lemon one is my favorite of them all. I’m always styling them with only the top button buttoned so the rest of my top is showing. For a less girly look, I would wear the lemon sweater with a lacy black bra and baggy jeans! I wanted to incorporate the yellow and orange elements together with my bold Amazon socks and strappy Sam Edelman sandals from, you guessed it, Poshmark. There’s nothing better than an outfit sandwich, and I think denim is the perfect chunk in the middle. I finished the look with my favorite accessories: layered every day gold necklaces, pink ribbons on my braids, daily bracelets and rings, and my beloved Coach bag.