Lamar Jackson to the Baltimore Ravens

My favorite pick of the 2018 draft class was finally chosen for a spot in the NFL! With the 32nd pick in the first round of the NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens selected QB Lamar Jackson. I recently wrote about my favor for Jackson and why I believed the dual-threat QB belonged at the top of the class. Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of the first to go, but that’s not what truly matters (at least he’s not going to the Browns, huh Baker?). Lamar Jackson, just like my favorite QB ever Patrick Mahomes truly has star potential in the league and I only have high hopes for what he will accomplish in the future! The only times I’ve ever cheered for the Ravens was when Tree Hill High reigned supreme and Nathan and Lucas took the basketball court each night (okay, enough of my sappy teen soap reference), but I guess I’ll take up a few Baltimore games and hold my nose as I root for Jay Harbaugh and co. Let’s go Lamar!