KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Are The Best Manicure

KISS gel fantasy nails

As you all know by now, I love getting mani pedis, especially when I’m with my mom at home or Lo and Jonathan in Waco (here’s my favorite ever salon manicure)! However, now that ya girl is saving for NYC and those forever student loans (January, please don’t come quickly), I’ve been trying out alternate ways of achieving the types of nails only inspired by Lo (except for this at-home mani I loved which she would hate). A few months ago, I saw my beloved AOC using the KISS Gel Fantasy nails on the train going back to Congress and I thought, if AO-fricken-C can wear those, then so can I! And so I am! I bought the KISS Gel Fantasy Nails–in a style I guess is only available at Salt Lake Longs???–last week and I’m in love with them! The nails come in a pack of 24, so if you’re rough on your hands like I am, they’re perfect to carry around in your bag. I applied the nails with the mini glue tube on Sunday and while a few popped off after I slammed my fingers in my closet and car doors more than once, they were easy to reapply and have stayed on ever since. Obviously, they’re not as professionally done or last as long as they would at a nail salon, but for $8 and 15 minutes of application, the KISS Gel Fantasy kit is definitely worth the money. I love how they sit in between my natural long nail type and the foot-long claws that most of the Instagram girls wear so they still feel luxurious while allowing me to actually use my hands in every setting. I would encourage everyone who loves the feel of fancy nails but hates forking out the loads of cash they’re worth to purchase these kits and try them out!