Keep In Touch

Leaving home for college is never easy and being separated from ones best friends is even harder. I’ve had a rock solid group of friends that I’ve made from fourth grade to sophomore year. We all came together last year and spent almost every single day together. It was great for me to have such an amazing group of friends so once it came time for five of us to leave for university, it was extremely sad. Three of my best friends are still in high school while the rest of us are scattered across the South and the East Coast. Before I left for school, many college students explained that my high school friendships would drastically change over the semester and I probably wouldn’t be friends with my people anymore. I’m so grateful to have proved those statements wrong. I facetime/call/text my best friends nearly everyday or at least once a week in order to stay updated and keep in touch. Sometimes we miss a call and don’t speak for a week, but we’ve continued to consistently speak on some level. Everyone’s friendships are different once they leave high school. I’m just blessed that mines have stayed exactly the same.