Kānaka ʻŌiwi Pins and Patches I Recently Purchased

Kānaka ʻŌiwi Pins and Patches

As you’ve probably noticed before, I have a shit ton of pins covering all corners of my denim jacket (recent pin collection shown here!), but I still can’t stop myself from purchasing more. I’ve wanted a few kānaka ʻōiwi pins and patches for my jacket, however, because I already have numerous ones related to American issues and politicians, but few focused on that of my own lāhui. Kānaka ʻōiwi accessories are easy to come by, but I haven’t seen many pins and patches of high quality related to the issues I care about. It wasn’t until I saw the new kiaʻi pin from islandllc that I finally found a kānaka-run business of only Kānaka ʻōiwi pins and patches. Unfortunately, the pin I loved was out of stock, but the business has an assortment of accessories that are based on aliʻi, popular local foods and phrases, and other kūʻē beliefs. I purchased the kiaʻi patch (as a second choice to the pin I loved!) because I’m trying to get more into decorating my jacket with colorful patches and because I needed a mauna-related piece for obvious reasons. The pōhaku kuʻi ʻai was another patch choice because it’s one of the most important and most used tools to create paʻiʻai and poi for kānaka maoli. I love how unassuming the pōhaku kuʻiʻai is against the bright colors of the kiaʻi patch. I loved the aloha ʻāina pin because of how dainty and vibrant it is. Aloha ʻāina is a core value for kānaka ʻōiwi, so it seemed like the pin was an essential for my denim jacket collection. The last pin I purchased is the kalo enamel pin, which is small but mighty. Kalo is the most revered of the kānaka mea ʻai staples because it is our ancestor Hāloa as he became food for his people. There are perhaps no pins more important for my kānaka ʻōiwi selection as this one!