Kaʻena Point Hike

My friend Mikayla and I recently joked that the only activities here in Hawaiʻi are going to the beach, hiking, watching movies and going to the mall. On this day in particular, we joined Kale on the west side for the Kaʻena Point hike. I’m nowhere near athletically gifted enough to avidly hike, but this one was extremely easy. The hike itself takes around two hours down and back if you walk slowly like we did and every minute was worth it. Kaʻena Point holds cultural significance for us Hawaiians because it is known as the leina ka ʻuhane or “leaping place of the souls” on the westernmost tip of Oʻahu. Ancient Hawaiians believed that after death, one’s soul would approach Kaʻena Point to meet his ancestors before leaping into pō. The hike is a straight path from beginning to end and it’s perfect for all ages and hiking abilities.