Justice in America Season 3 Release

Justice in America

I don’t listen to many podcasts, but the ones I love are usually focused on football and social justice issues (is this a shock to anyone?), such as “Our Daily Podcast” (for the Baylor Athletics musings) and “Beyond Prisons” (because I always agree with Brian Sonenstein). My favorite of them all, though, is “Justice in America”—a show I discovered and loved upon its release back in 2018. “Justice in America” was—for the first two seasons—hosted by author, lawyer, and President of The Appeal, Josie Duffy Rice, alongside author, historian, and PhD candidate, Clint Smith. Operating as an official podcast for The Appeal news site (which I referenced in yesterday’s post), “Justice in America” Season 3 was released today with Josie hosting again, but this time with new co-hosts as Clint finishes his PhD studies and book writing: Darnell Moore, Derecka Purnell, Donovan X. Ramsey, and Zak Cheney Rice (Josie’s brilliant husband). The podcast will continue being an important discussion of different topics in the criminal legal system such as Police Accountability (the first episode with transcript and other info here), prison news, more information on prosecutors, and interviews with fellow criminal legal system experts/students, which will be extremely enlightening and helpful for all people interested in and impacted by the PIC. Josie is one of the smartest people in the realm of criminal justice, and I truly believe that her work on the podcast is invaluable especially as discussions about prison reform and ways to fix the criminal justice system increase during political debates and races. If you’re interested at all in the “Justice in America” podcast (I mean, how could you not be?), the first episode is already on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify, so go have a listen and tell me how much you’ve learned about the system once the season is over!