Jonathan’s Second Birthday Safari

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Birthday safari
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One of my best friends/former boss Jonathan had a birthday on Friday, which we celebrated with his second annual birthday safari at Fossil Rim! We went on a road trip to the wildlife reserve last year where we wore matching personalized t-shirts, screamed at the ostriches, and had the most laughs of our friendship. This year, we added Erin (aka Urn/kindest lovely human to the three of us)– Jonathan’s girlfriend(!!!!) to the mix and we had the greatest day! Fossil Rim is Jonathan’s favorite place in Texas/the planet because we’re able to pet, feed, and interact with all of the wild endangered species up close. Our shared favorite part of the birthday safari is petting and feeding the giraffes, to whom we lovingly provide names. We actually give names to all of the animals, obviously. I named the giraffe above Paulina and she immediately came to our car after we called her name. I love calling all of the animals “deer” because I have no idea what they actually are! We had much more feed this birthday safari, so we could generously share the food with every animal who actually wanted them. After driving halfway through the reserve, we stopped at the cafe to eat burgers and the birthday cake we got for Jonathan. Fun story: Lo and I were verbally harassed by a bunch of 10 year old(?) boy scouts and I almost fought them! Lo told me to chill so I backed off but still gave them my famous death stares! This second birthday safari was one to remember especially because it’s my last one with Jonathan and Lo before I graduate in three weeks. I’m thankful that we were able to celebrate Jonathan’s birthday with a last fun road trip and I will always treasure our memories together forever.