Jonathan’s Birthday Safari

When it comes to friendships, I’ve always been drawn to older figures in favor of other kids my age. It’s no wonder that two of my closest friends at Baylor are my bosses, Lo and Jonathan. We spend most of our time together eating, complaining, and laugh crying at the countless dumb things we (I) say and do. They’ve taken care of me when I had mono, spent time with me after a bad breakup, and always force me to go to class when I would rather sleep. Jonathan’s birthday was last week so Lo and I planned the most joyous day ever at his favorite place in the world, Fossil Rim. Fossil Rim is a drive-thru safari where you can feed the wild animals and spend the day in a natural setting unlike any other place in Texas. Lo and I wanted to go all out, so her husband Jason designed us the most amazing matching t-shirts, which we wore proudly as three grown ass adults in public. We freaked out over every animal, blasted the Lion King soundtrack, obsessed over Charlie the giraffe, made personalized noises at each animal group, yell-sang 90’s music on the drive home, and closed out the day with Katie’s Custard. It was the perfect Jonathan birthday celebration and a great way to finish the semester!