Joe Biden Still Won’t Save Any of Us

Biden still won't save us

Millions of Democrats, liberals, and faux-progressives all across America celebrated last year’s swearing in of new American President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Millions of others (Tr*mper conspiracy theorists and right wing fascists in one group and communists and anarchists in an entirely separate group) mourned the inauguration of Biden for numerous reasons. I’m in no category close to that of the QAnon white supremacists who stormed the American political buildings at the beginning of last January, but I was and still remain the opposite of celebratory. Over his past year of presidency, Joe Biden and his team have actively encouraged the spread of COVID by bragging about economic heights while keeping the country wide open for tourism, active businesses, and other forms of capitalistic violence toward working class and poor people. He only just had the federal government provide 4 at-home tests per household despite much of the country’s folks living in multi-generational households. Aside from the free tests, Biden hasn’t done anything else to keep people safe and protected from COVID and has in fact encouraged otherwise with cases skyrocketing to numbers we’ve never seen before.

As an indigenous abolitionist and communist, I feel absolutely no joy when discussing Joe Biden becoming president. Of course I no longer subscribe to participation in the electoral politics process, so I wouldn’t be excited about anyone taking control of the fascist in charge desk (even Bernie), but Biden is in a league similar to Tr*mp, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and George W. Bush. He is another white supremacist imperialist, except this time, he’s the author of the 1994 Crime Bill who’s paired up with California’s former self-identified “top cop” in a moment where an unprecedented amount of people are now subscribing to defunding and abolishing the carceral system. In my post I wrote about not voting before the presidential race in August 2020, I bashed Joe Biden and said “Joe Biden would never ever ever be my choice for many reasons (only some of which are listed as follows): he wrote the 1994 Crime Bill that caused the explosion of mass criminalization/incarceration, which disproportionately locked up Black people (further investigation here that should cause much rage and here showing how he let cop unions contribute to the bill!); wants to increase police funding; he said he would veto Medicare-for-All should it be passed by Congress; does not believe incarcerated people should have the right to vote; strongly opposes the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement in opposition of brutalized Palestinians; has the least innovative plan for housing; accosted anyone who dared to question his past personal and political behavior at his rallies, telling those inquiring that they should just go vote for Tr*mp; is still behind on Green New Deal policies; was accused of sexual assault by multiple women; is quite literally mentally unsound; and royally fucked up the Anita Hill investigation. There are dozens of other reasons why I’m not voting for Joe Biden, but those are just the first several that came to mind.”

People who claim to hate Tr*mp are overwhelmed with joy over a man who is basically 45’s mirror. Like Biden has said before to his rich donors, “Nothing would fundamentally change,” which is the exact problem. If America is to continue existing (which it shouldn’t), it needs to be destroyed and rebuilt, not move on while taking the same route. Joe Biden will drone strike people in the global south, he’ll stand by as people keep dying en masse from COVID and poverty, he won’t eliminate student debt, he’ll back the national and local cops and pour more money into their budgets, he’ll continue pushing the law and order narrative to expand mass criminalization, and he’ll do (or not do) all of this while claiming friendship with Republican party members. I have no reason to celebrate Joe Biden or American elected official any day (insert gif of Korean grandma saying she hates all American presidents) as in my house, we denounce all forms of imperialism, capitalism, and racism, and Joe Biden represents all three. Now let’s get back to the real work—organizing!