January Favorites!

Hi guys! I’m going to start doing Monthly Favorites including Makeup, Fashion, Music, and Miscellaneous favorites for that month. I hope you all enjoy my January Favorites!


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation

Source: My Lips But Better

I’ve been using this foundation for the past year. Although I really liked it at first, I kind of tossed it on the side when I bought the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat foundation. I rediscovered my love for the Vitalumiere Aqua recently and I am hooked again! It’s extremely lightweight yet it still gives a medium coverage that’s very buildable. The SPF in the foundation is really handy, especially for daytime wear. The foundation has pretty decent wear time. I would say that I get around 6 hours of wear without having to blot or re-powder my face. I love the packaging of this foundation for travel because of it’s plastic casing. I would highly recommend this for someone who wants a lightweight foundation with good coverage. It’s priced at around $45 in the US.

Maybelline Cover Stick Concealer

Source: Maybelline

I’ve never really liked stick concealers because of their textures. I bought the Benefit “Boing” concealer which I didn’t care for at all. I was looking in the drugstore for a good concealer that could cover up hyperpigmentation and acne and I remember seeing a Youtuber recommend this so I thought I would try it out! The texture of this concealer is nice because it’s very creamy, but it doesn’t settle into creases or pores. It extremely blendable and for $7.99, it’s definitely a bargain!

Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stain

Source: Huffington Post

I’ve been coveting these Glossy Stains ever since Youtube guru/beauty blogger FleurdeForce did a tutorial and blog post using these. Although there were incredible reviews praising these stains, I couldn’t imagine the color payoff and staying power of these amazing lip products. I own Rouge #9 which is the red pictured above. It’s so easy to apply and the stain is very moisturizing. I can’t say enough things to share my love for these Glossy Stains. If you’ve never tried these before, go to your local Nordstrom or Sephora and get your hands on these babies! I bought mine from Sephora for around $36.


Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Source: Caudalie USA

If you’ve ever wanted to refresh your skin or your makeup mid-day, then this is the product for you! I was convinced by a worker at my local Sephora to buy this. I was debating whether or not I wanted to pay $18 for a small bottle of what looked like water and she convinced me that I needed it. When I spray my face with this liquid gold, it felt refreshing and hydrating and it smelled of mint. I love to use this after I cleanse my face and before I moisturize. I also use the Beauty Elixir to refresh my skin after I exercise.

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream

Source: Secret Beauty Blogger

When I saw that my favorite makeup artist of all time, Lisa Eldridge used this moisturizer, I knew that I had to get it. Although my skin isn’t dry, this still hydrates it without making me an oily mess. When I went to Washington DC, the air was freezing and my skin became dry. I used this moisturizer at night and when I woke up, all of my dry patches were gone! It makes my skin supple and completely moisturized. I bought this from TJ Maxx for a really good deal of $16.



Source: Jessica Michault

While I may not own an Hermes scarf such as this beauty (*sigh* a girl can dream right?) I do own quite a few pretty scarves. They are wonderful accessories and I’ve grown to love them even more than jewelry.

J. Crew

Source: J. Crew

Even their advertisements are perfect! J. Crew. Enough said.


Sleeping At Last (Atlas album, Darkness EP)

Source: Sleeping At Last

Sleeping At Last a.k.a. Ryan O’Neal is a musical and lyrical genius. Atlas is a series of continuous EPs that don’t have a planned end-date. The first installment of the Atlas project is called “Darkness” and it is beautiful. I especially love the song “Woodwork”. Way to go, Ryan.

Les Miserables (In My Life/A Heart Full Of Love & On My Own)

Source: Inside Movies

Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate Samantha Barks and what she contributed to the movie. Samantha’s vocals and the emotions she puts into her performances are incredible and awe-inspiring. My favorite part in A Heart Full Of Love is her solo, singing about her unrequited love for Marius, her best friend. “In my life, there’s been no one like him anywhere, anywhere where he is, if he asked, I’d be his.” Poor, poor Eponine.


Lisa Eldridge

Source: Twitter

Last but not least, we can’t forget Mrs. Lisa Eldridge. I’m thinking that she’ll be on my favorites list every month because of how much I admire and adore her and her work. She is the greatest makeup artist in the business, in my humble opinion. Lisa, you are a genius and my hat goes off to you!