Jacob in Waco Day One

Jacob landed in Dallas last night to spend the next week with me! Upon his arrival, he ate his first ever Whataburger (he loved it), we stupidly went to Cici’s Pizza (he hated it) and we’ve watched way too many episodes of “F is for Family”. On our first full day, he made us breakfast and I took him to meet my bosses/friends at work. We went on a tour around Baylor and sat on a swing people/squirrel watching for a good hour. After turning in my 25-page research paper, we ate dinner at Cici’s because we love cheap pizza, but it was so bad that we both got sick and wanted to go home. We ended up watching more “F is for Family” and the Seahawks-Falcons game before going to sleep. A couple of road trips to Dallas and San Antonio are on the itinerary for this week so stay tuned for more adventures that don’t include gross food!