Jacob in Waco Day Three

Today we drove for what seemed like 10 hours to visit Jacob’s aunty and cousins in San Antonio! We woke up early and ate Panera for brunch before hitting the road. I excitedly pointed out every Buc-ee’s location, much to Jacob’s confusion (he hasn’t yet experienced the wonder of Buc-ee’s). We arrived in San Antonio at around 2:30 and met his family at the Japanese Tea Garden, which was actually more Chinese if anything. The garden was beautiful and it made the perfect location to take cute pictures! We walked along the bridges and waterfall with his sweet family before driving to the Riverwalk. I had visited the Riverwalk with my family last year, but it was pouring so much we basically ran from umbrella to umbrella. This time, however, the weather was perfectly sunny and cool and we took our time looking around the area. We ate Mexican food at one of the cafe’s on the Riverwalk and walked off our food at the Alamo. I still don’t understand my classmates’ laughter every time a teacher says ‘remember the Alamo’ but that’s okay. We walked around the town area for a little while and headed back to their house to eat ice cream, watch Stranger Things and spend the night. We had such a great time with his family and I can’t wait to go back to San Antonio again!