I’m Finally a College Graduate!

College graduate Noelle
College graduate and family
College graduate diploma

I finally did it!! I graduated from Baylor today and I’m officially a college graduate! Four years of extreme highs and lows, existential crises, exciting experiences, true friendships, failed classes, all nighters, research papers, anxiety attacks, once in a lifetime adventures, and I’m all pau with my time in Waco. On one hand, I feel like I just started my freshman year with all of the nerves, worries, and fears of new beginnings, but on the other, it seems like I’ve been here forever. The time in between finishing the semester and graduating is unique because time both slows down and flies by so I was left reminiscing upon all I had experienced and accomplished over the past four years and how thankful I am for the people who got me here. I truly could not have become a college graduate without the active and endless support of my family, friends, professors, and kÅ«puna whose love and encouragement constantly motivated me to strive higher in my time at Baylor. They’ve all stuck by my side through my chronic anxiety and depression and made me feel like I could keep going even when I was exhausted and overwhelmed by school and the world. During my time at Baylor, I crafted friendships with people whom I will love and miss forever and I became the strongest and most independent version of myself. I’ve been lucky enough to have experiences in athletics that made my college time extremely unique and unlike any normal collegiate career. Now that I completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and became a college graduate, I will continue to honor the people who loved and helped me along the way and treasure the memories I made at Baylor forever. I’m so incredibly thankful and filled with pride. Thank you all for your never ending support! We did it!