I’m Becoming An Avid Proponent of Long Walks

On one of our long walks

For the past few months I’ve been trying to lose weight I put on since I graduated from college (I’d ideally be the same size I was in high school, but that’s probably not happening) and although I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be (most recently mentioned in my recipe for bread), I’ve discovered a new passion for long walks with friends as my preferred mode of exercise (I gave up on running after two attempts) and trying to keep a better diet. I originally tried to go on short runs/jogs after my sister tried to convince me running isn’t the worst activity ever (it is though), but I quickly stopped because, you guessed it, running is the worst ever. I used to like going to the gym with my friend Rachel in college, but until HawaiĘ»i gets a women-only gym, I’m not excited about existing in rooms full of watching and comparing men. What I do enjoy now though is the long walks I go on every week, sometimes twice or three times if I’m extraordinarily motivated (let’s be honest, I’m usually not). My friend Okie and I go on an every Wednesday 4.5-5 mile walk through downtown and back, which takes about two hours if we’re going leisurely and has become my favorite pastime! I’ve recruited Brandon and my dad to also go on long walks with me near our respective neighborhoods on non-Wednesdays to their delight. I think the most important realization I’ve had over the past several months of walking is that exercise can be enjoyable when one chooses the best avenue for themself. Walking has become fun for me because I’m spending time with my friends, seeing new places, getting outside for longer periods of time, and burning an acceptable amount of calories. Coupled with fairly disciplined portion control and eliminating desserts and other “unhealthy” but delicious foods when possible (although Okie and I are supposed to get this ice cream one day), these long walks have brought me just a little closer to my weight loss goal and for that, I’m grateful!