I’m a Community Outreach Court Intake Coordinator

Outreach is my new focus

I’ve somehow been working at the Office of the Public Defender for the past 17 months (remember when I quit my job at Legal Aid after only three months?) as first a Felony Legal Clerk and then an Appellate Legal Clerk and tomorrow I start my new position as the Community Outreach Court Intake Coordinator (I know, could the title be any longer?)! My time at OPD has had countless ups and downs but the best part of working there has been the last 14 ish months in Appeals. Of course the whole time I would’ve liked to have more responsibility and interaction with clients, but my fantastic supervisor Jon and wonderful attorneys basically let me take control of our section and do as much administrative work as my experience and knowledge allows me (we all know I’m bossy). I never thought there would be any other job for me at OPD besides the one I’m currently in as a Legal Clerk, but tomorrow I’ll take a small professional step up and focus on outreach, case management, and intake. I was an Outreach Specialist at Legal Aid in 2019 so that experience will help me participate in similar work tomorrow on. I’m sad to leave my favorite people in Appeals (I know we’ll still be coworkers but it’s not the same!) and at the same time I’m thrilled to escape the hellhole of clerical work (working directly with terrible women is not the best) and start doing work I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to help clients and meet people from other organizations and have a more flexible schedule where I’m not constantly watched and followed. I’m also excited to start working in my new tiny office I love so much (full mini tour coming soon)! Wish me luck everyone, my first day is in less than 12 hours!