If I Run for Political Office One Day…

Political office march

Ever since I discovered the world of American politics and saw how easy it is to follow through social media outlets, I can’t help but think about the type of candidate I would be if I run for political office in the future. I’m (obviously) outwardly passionate about many different issues such as prison abolition, police violence, immigration reform, LGBTQIA+ rights, women’s bodily autonomy, sovereignty for indigenous people, medicare for all, housing as a human right, and environmental justice, just to name a few, and I’m not afraid to discuss my beliefs with anyone who agrees or disagrees with me. One of my worst pet peeves is when privileged people complain about others “turning issues into political arguments” because living as a Black, Brown, queer, trans, Muslim, disabled, and/or poor person is a breathing political take. Because I care deeply about so many marginalized groups, I like the idea of running for political office one day. I know Congress is a long shot (especially considering my twitter feed…I lost the haole vote instantly), but I love dreaming about returning home when I am much more qualified and educated and earning enough votes to take Brian Schatz’s seat. I’m incredibly inspired by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (not a shocker, I wrote about her here) because she is undoubtedly brilliant, empathetic, humble, hard working, and truly cares about the people she’s representing. Should I one day run for political office, I would love to mirror the work she’s done to inspire the masses as a freshman representative who defeated a 10-term corporate incumbent. I firmly believe that honest and caring politicians are essential in creating a democracy that actually works for the majority of the country’s people, not just the wealthy white sector. Although Hawaiʻi is not a part of America, I and others can still fight for our rights in the American government. My platform for my (possible) future race for political office would include abolishing solitary confinement/prisons/ICE, establishing a more effective immigration system, ensure all Dreamers have citizenship status, fixing gun control laws, secure a federal protection that focuses on keeping women’s reproductive rights out of repeal discussions, granting full and equal rights to LGBTQIA+ citizens, ending all wars, and restoring sovereignty to indigenous kingdoms. Running for political office seems like a pipe dream, but hey, if every mediocre white man senator can do it, so can I!