I Went Camping and Didn’t Die!

Prior to this camping trip, I had never spent a night in a tent without a bed. The idea of camping without electricity, wifi, or clean showers and bathrooms always made me sick, but I was actually excited to go this time! Putting a tent together isn’t as intimidating as it seems if you have the right tools and partners, although taking one apart and re-packing it is a nightmare. We discovered the importance of charcoal one the first night as we attempted to make grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and ended up with lukewarm ones (still good though!). After a quick trip to the Foodland near Malaekahana on the second day, we purchased a mini bag of charcoal, just enough to make more sandwiches and roast s’mores (which is the only important part of camping). The outdoor showers were kind of a nightmare, but sleeping next to the ocean was amazing! Although I probably won’t get the best sleep of my life on the solid ground, camping isn’t too bad! Appreciate the outdoors away from technology, spend time in the water, make a lot of s’mores and enjoy your time together.