I Love the Hero Mighty Patch

Hero Mighty Patch

At the beginning of COVID I ordered a bunch of beauty products from Sephora, and I was shocked when I received a box full of skincare items someone else purchased. I learned all about The Ordinary and acne patches that day and although I stopped using the former’s serums, I continued repurchasing the latter (thank you @ that random person whose order I received!). I was using the Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots for a while and I loved how quickly they contained any spots I had. However, the box of 20 dots for $20 became a little pricey as my mask-induced acne flared up quite a bit and I had to search for a new and hopefully cheaper alternative. Enter the Hero Mighty Patch created by Ju Rhyu and my life is forever changed! I picked up the Hero Mighty Patch on a whim at Target because my experience with the Starface Hydro-Stars was less than stellar. I almost gave up on drugstore acne patches as I thought nothing would beat Peace Out. However, the Hero Mighty Patch is better than the two other options combined! Hero was founded by Ju Rhyu after she went on a trip to South Korea and noticed the availability of hydrocolloid patches for spots. The patches themselves are extremely gentle on the surrounding skin, but they pull out all of the gunk from the spot itself. All the user has to do is pop on a Hero Mighty Patch for at least 6-8 hours (I usually apply mine on freshly cleansed, post-skincare skin before bed) and the spot should be softened and small, if not gone by morning. I prefer these patches to the regular salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide acne product that’s incredibly drying and harsh. I never have to worry about my skin getting crusty or dry due to harsher treatments and my acne is almost completely gone the morning after. I’d highly recommend Hero for anyone who needs this type of product, especially as it’s a bargain for 24 patches under $10!