I Keep Getting Sick and I Don’t Know Why

Before I was getting sick

After my ridiculously extreme bout of mono back in 2018 (aka my body sending me signs to end my toxic relationship), I hadn’t been sick at all. Of course, I had my usual buckled-over cramps every time I got my period, but nothing as debilitating or painful. Enter January 2020 and I felt myself instantly getting sick with the flu one Wednesday afternoon before my trip to Texas. I could barely stay awake at work, which is unusual for my new job as I’m constantly talking to people and finishing work, but I had to physically force my eyes open multiple times throughout the day. I thought I was just exhausted from my two jobs and going out 2-3 times a week, but I was in fact, getting sick. Of course, the flu is nowhere as bad as mono was, but I had the chills, a high fever, sore throat, no appetite, body aches, and slept for long hours. I missed two days at the PD Office and at the Star-Advertiser, but my mom nursed me back to health before I had to leave for Jonathan and Urn’s wedding (as she always does). I thought I had already beat my once a year struggle with getting sick, but now as I type this, I’m once again lying in bed with some type of illness. It’s probably the early stages of a cold as I have a fever, chills, a persistent cough, and body aches, but this time of me getting sick is just as frustrating as the last. I’m unsure if my twice a week long hours (14-15) is making my body give out or if these are just two other cases of workplace/environment viruses that I’m unlucky enough to catch. Either way, I would love any suggestions of how to truly stay healthy throughout the year when it seems like every sickness is trying to get you!