Hyperfixated on Snack Plates for Lunch

Snack plate for lunch

Ever since I discovered that most dishes in the world are delicious and exciting and full of flavor (aka back in 2020 when my tastebuds exploded with curiosity and I first learned to love fish), I’ve tried almost all new-to-me foods at least once without judgment. Some of the foods I now love that I previously actively despised (even if I never actually ate them before) are fish of all types, seafood of all types, fish and chips, bell peppers, walnuts and pistachios, falafel, and giant salads full of different vegetables. I love eating as many varieties of dishes as possible, so I always have something edible to hyperfixate on. I’ve been obsessed with massive salads for the past few months when my partner and I found that the spring mix at Sam’s Club is a mixture of different lettuces that are soft and slightly sweet and the best base for any and all toppings. I began eating huge salads every day for lunch, which were usually made in only two different variations: spring mix, cherry tomatoes, chicken salad with sun-dried tomatoes, and crushed breadcrumbs or spring mix, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, corn, kewpie dressing, and crushed breadcrumbs (last seen here). And while I could and did eat my signature big ass salads every single day, I’m now hyperfixated on snack plates consisting of whatever small portion of foods I desire that day (inspired by Grace on TikTok!). My snack plates fit the theme of trying and combining different foods as they allow me to eat anything I want all on one plate! My most recent snack plate was my favorite one yet with sliced strawberries, hard boiled eggs with shoyu, baby carrots with red pepper hummus, and mediterranean pasta salad with k*le, feta, parmesan, sun-dried tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes! My new lunch favorites are full of fresh ingredients in an Abbey Sharp Hunger Crushing Combo of protein, fiber, and healthy fats. These plates are exciting to eat and they keep me full all afternoon with colorful and healthy ingredients! I truly look forward to them from the night before when I go to sleep planning what I’ll eat the next day!