How to Survive Finals

Tomorrow I will be taking my first set of final exams and I wanted to write a post about how I’m preparing for my tests. I’ve never been an extraordinary student so earning stellar grades has always taken extra work. Unfortunately, I’m also a huge procrastinator and overall lazy person when it comes to learning about a topic I’m not interested in. The combination of these characteristics means I have to truly bust my butt this week if I want to do well on my exams. If you’re like me and school doesn’t come easy for you, read on to see how I plan on surviving the week.

Throughout high school I believed that final exams did not matter at all. I will embarrassingly admit that I never studied for any of my finals in all eight semesters. While I passed my high school classes without studying for the last exams, I knew that I had to step up when I got to college. Some of my college courses consist only of a handful of tests and no homework or quizzes; meaning if I don’t study, I won’t pass. I usually study in my dorm room because it’s quiet but I recently found a beautiful study area on campus. For the past few days, I’ve reviewed my material in the garden area of Baylor’s Armstrong Browning library and I’ve gotten so much work done! Although it’s nice to do homework and study in my room, there’s something incredibly therapeutic about working in the sunlight surrounded by nature. Find the place that makes you want to look over your material and inspires you to ace your exams.

It’s easy to get distracted by social media or the internet when you’re studying, so turn off your phone if you don’t need it and power all technology on airplane/do not disturb mode. While I used my computer to review study guides and powerpoints, I made sure to turn my laptop on do not disturb mode. This process prevents my computer from notifying me of any social media notices while I’m studying. I also like to create to-do lists on my ‘Notes’ app so I can keep track of every test to study for. I haven’t been using a planner so taking notes is the second-best way to keep myself organized and on track! The last tips I have are to feed your body and to take breaks. Sometimes in the chaos of studying for exams, we forget to eat or give our brains a rest. Grab lunch or a snack and listen to some music after a couple hours buried in a textbook. In the end, all you can do is study and try your best. Good luck on finals everyone! T minus seven days until home!