How to Support the National Anti-Police Protests

How to support national protestors

Most, if not all, people who have access to TV, newspapers, and/or social media must be aware of the national protests over police violence since Minneapolis PD pig Derek Chauvin (who has a record of complaints and shootings) murdered George Floyd last Monday. Before and after Hennepin County DA Mike Freeman announced Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter on Friday, protestors against cops (ACAB fuck them all) and militarized police forces took to the streets in Minneapolis demanding justice for George and every other Black person murdered by ruthless pigs. Unarmed (like George), and standing face to face with members of the same police department that Chauvin was part of (until recently), the brave protestors have put their bodies on the line every day to beg for Black lives to finally matter. I’m sure, like me, most of you are searching for ways to show up for the protestors in Minneapolis (and now in other cities nationwide) from afar, so I compiled this list of ways to support the organizers since we can’t be there in person. And while Minneapolis is at the forefront of these demonstrations, we also need to support protestors in other cities like Atlanta, Louisville (who are fighting for Breonna Taylor, who was murdered in her home by Louisville PD, but isn’t trending on the news like other recent victims have been), New York City, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Detroit, Seattle, Columbus, and countless others. Especially as some people—even in these cities—can’t leave their houses to join the masses because of COVID risks, financially supporting and donating requested items like milk, food, water, and other resources is extremely important. Here’s the list of bail funds, gofundme’s, and other organizations in as many cities and states I could find for you (and me) to support if you can!









Las Vegas:

Los Angeles:



New York City: