How to Say Goodbye in 10 Steps

One of my best friends left for college a couple days ago and I remembered how difficult saying goodbye is. You would think that leaving home and separating from my people would get easier each semester, but it only gets harder. Every break I spend at home is easy- I feel at peace with the people who know me best. Although I love where I go to school and the friends I have there, there’s truly nothing like home. In the spirit of saying “see you soon” and “I’ll miss you”, I crafted a 10 step guide to saying goodbye.

  1. Share lots of hugs
  2. Share lots of tears (wear waterproof mascara or risk looking like a zombie!)
  3. Plan times to FaceTime and Skype each other
  4. Take pictures before separating
  5. Share final thoughts and sweet words
  6. Continue hugging
  7. Say you won’t cry anymore because you’ll see each other in four months
  8. Cry anyway
  9. Listen to Adele’s ’25’ album on shuffle
  10. Repeat the process with each person