How to Master the Perfect Tita Bun

My perfect tita bun

Since I had the DevaCut that changed my hair forever, I’ve been lucky enough that my go-to hairstyle is when I leave my curls down and free flowing. I’m now at a place in my hair journey where my curls are my favorite physical attribute, so I like to keep them in their natural state as much as possible. When my curls aren’t down or pulled into a tight high pony (another favorite look!), I always go for a tita bun. I previously wrote about this classic Hawaiʻi hairstyle three years ago when I was much skinnier but had limp strands (and I can always work out more to lose the weight but would never give up my defined ringlets so which Noelle is in the better position?), and I always have and always will adore a good tita bun. I reach for this style whenever I’m having a lazy hair day, I’m working out (rare moments here), or after I come home from class and I know there’s no chance in hell I’m leaving my house. The tita bun also makes for an excellent hairstyle if I plan on getting in a fight, hence the name. However, today, I’m not physically punching anyone and instead just want to keep my curls out of my face and still look put together. In order to achieve this dynamic look, I flip my head over (this step is key for retaining volume and high placement), scrape all of my curls to the piko and smooth out any bumps or flyaways, and wrap a thick ass rubber band around the hair three times while leaving the curl ends out to form a messy yet secure tita bun. Although the most classic technique doesn’t require a rubber band (twist the hair into a bun and tuck the ends into itself), I like to make sure mine will stay in place all day and finish the style with my favorite Niʻihau shell and Tahitian pearl earrings from Kaiʻolu!