How to Help People in Texas After the Winter Storm

We must help the people in Texas

Anyone who knows just a smidgen of information about me should know how important the state of Texas and more specifically, the people in the state are to me! I spent four of the most defining years of my life in Waco and a few of my best friends are still there and in Houston where the past week of winter storm weather has devastated the majority of its residents. The entire state lone star state has been hit harder than ever by the climate change-induced arctic weather and failure to act by government officials in a privatized electrical system that has led to the deaths of countless people. The state’s current and former elected leaders have completely abandoned the masses of people in Texas as they’ve blamed individual actions (like the now ex Colorado City mayor who said people freezing in their houses were just looking for handouts), frozen wind turbines (no, they weren’t the reason for the massive blackouts), and Socialism (somehow??) for the electrical shortage that left millions of people in the dark with no heat, power, or water for days. My best friend Lo and her husband didn’t have power in their house for two days and neither did my friend Stephanie in Houston whose power went on and off in 20 minute increments for three days. Having a privatized power grid in the form of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT has proven to be a massive capitalistic failure as expected because this single corporation gets to decide the fates of every Texan in the state. The neighborhoods that had power were of course the gentrified and wealthy communities and those that were majority Black and Brown were left in the dark and cold. The storm is lifting and moving away now, but people are still suffering on a widespread level without any assistance from the state or federal governments, so here is a detailed Google Doc of resources to help people in Texas by addressing immediate needs. This Google Form is a way for people to help others check in to hotels in Austin if they don’t have safe places to stay and this one collects information from organizations that help those living in rural areas. As we know from electoral officials like Texas Senator Ted Cruz who flew to CancĂșn for vacation at the Ritz Carlton during a pandemic and the worst ever disaster in his state, political leaders won’t save us. We need to work together to help each other and provide for what we need. Please donate and help the people in Texas if you can because we’re all we have!