How to Finger Coil for Perfect Curls

girl with perfect curl in front of purple wall

My curly hair journey has been a long cycle of years where I love my hair and years where I hate it. Because I spent the majority of my middle school and high school days straightening or curling my locks, I’ve spent the last five+ years without touching a heat tool and relearning how to care for and style my curls. Thankfully, since I had my first DevaCut (read about the process here!) back in October, my curls have been given new life full of volume and consistent shape– hair characteristics I’ve been longing for since I was a child! Here’s how I learned how to enhance my hair and how to finger coil for perfect curls.

I start off by washing my hair with the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus shampoo and conditioner before brushing through my damp hair to remove any knots. Drying my hair with a t-shirt is important so I can keep the integrity of my curls without adding any extra frizz or breakage as a regular towel would. I apply a generous amount of the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus gel soufflĂ© (a short term replacement for my favorite one from La Bella) evenly down my lengths and then begin to finger coil. I first learned what finger coiling was and how to finger coil for perfect curls while watching Joy Before Her’s YouTube video and followed the simple process. I start off by sectioning one inch pieces and then twisting them tightly around my index and middle finger to form a spiral. I repeat this process across all of my sectioned off strands, alternating my finger coiling toward and away my face in order to break up the pieces. After I finish finger coiling, I scrunch the curls up and plop them under my head before I go to sleep so they dry in a tight pattern. The result is a voluminous mop of tightly wound ringlets that last all day!