How to Cut Your Own Bangs

I’ve been growing out my bangs for the past year and once they fell past my chin, I decided it was time for a change. Although it’s been easy to twist my “bangs” and pin them around the back of my head, I started to miss having a shorter fringe (even though daily maintenance would add 10 minutes to my routine). I’m never satisfied after I get my hair cut and sometimes my hairstylist unknowingly chops off more of my locks than I originally hoped for. For that reason, I googled “how to trim bangs” and watched many YouTube tutorials and read blog posts with a scissors in hand. I started off by straightening my fringe in order to get an idea of their length after styling. I then split my bangs into a top and bottom section. After pinning away the top, I tightly held the bottom section and started trimming them diagonally going away from my face. I have a side part on the left side of my head so I like when my bangs are shorter near the part and longer on the right side of my face. In order to ensure that they’re not blockish or thick, I randomly snipped the ends of my bangs in a vertical motion. Once I finished cutting the bottom section of hair, I unpinned the top and trimmed them in the same manner but a little shorter than the bottom. I don’t like all of my fringe to be one length so this type of trim makes sure that they look layered and not too polished. I hope these tips help if you ever want to cut your own bangs!