How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade

Source: Chelsea Crockett

Nearly every adult woman wears makeup on a day to day basis and a very common error of beauty is wearing the wrong foundation shade. Many women state that matching foundation to the hand or arm is the best way to do it, but that’s completely wrong. The method to the madness that is foundation matching is to place three shades on the neck and choose which one blends into the skin. If a foundation looks too ruddy, it’s normally too pink and if it looks extremely golden, then it’s too warm toned. There are many websites that match women to their perfect shade based upon their previously used shades such as Findation and Temptalia’s Foundation Matrix. Another helpful shade matcher is the Color IQ tester at Sephora. The “kiosk” takes three pictures of the woman’s forehead, neck, and face and gives her the absolute perfect match for her skintone. Make sure you’re always wearing the right foundation shade and match it accurately using these tips!