How My Body Reacted to the Moderna Vaccine

I received the Moderna vaccine

The past year has obviously been a nightmare for everyone in the world and, although they’re not cure alls, COVID vaccine options have been highly anticipated. America has obviously had the worst response of any country to COVID because no matter who’s President, the fake US state is beholden to capitalism over anything else and capitalism requires inequity, racism, and profits for corporations, lobbyists, and billionaires over anything else. D*nald Tr*mp’s malicious botch of a COVID reaction is no different from that of J*e B*den and his promise to end the pandemic with no retroactive recurring stimulus checks, federal aid for small businesses and unemployed people, national mask mandates, quickly distributed vaccines for all, and a shut down country. B*den refuses to do the job he convinced millions of people he’d do and isn’t acting on pandemic relief, so I’m thankful that I was vaccinated last week when my eligibility hit. I received the second dose of the Moderna vaccine two Friday afternoons ago and by this Friday, I should be at my 94% immunity. I’ve been working in the office at my job every day throughout the pandemic since we’re “essential workers,” so it wasn’t even a question if I’d get the Moderna vaccine when we were allowed to register. When I got the first shot at the end of January, I felt pain in my arm about an hour after the dose. My arm pain was consistent and throbbing all night and seven hours later, I was suddenly the most exhausted ever and I could barely drive home and take a shower without falling asleep. I slept basically all day that Saturday and had bad arm pain for three days subsequently. I knew the second dose of Moderna would make me feel even worse as I had heard stories and read articles about the symptoms from the last shot. I got my vaccine on Friday afternoon again and didn’t have as instant arm pain, but I slept as soon as I got home three hours afterward and stayed asleep for four hours and then nine hours. I was extremely exhausted, nauseated, cold, sore all over my body, and sporadically feverish. I took extra strength Tylenol three times a day on Saturday and Sunday and was mostly affected by my exhaustion/weakness and nausea. The nausea prevented me from eating, but I knew that taking intense medicines on an empty stomach would make me feel worse. I wore a jacket whenever I left my bed and ate applesauce, rice, and stew and drank several Yetis of water to keep hydrated. Eventually by Sunday afternoon I felt back to my normal self and I mostly got my appetite back. Even though those 2 days were painful, tiring, and horrible to go through, I’m extremely thankful and I know how privileged I am to get the Moderna vaccine. Hopefully B*den will help the vaccine rollout and everyone will be vaccinated by the end of the year.