How I’m Balancing Work, Blogging, and Freelancing

I'm balancing my life

I was a notoriously irresponsible and unproductive student in college (okay let’s be real…from high school through college) who procrastinated on almost every assignment and survived for four years on 2-5 hours of sleep every night. Of course, I was taking at least 5-6 classes each semester, blogged every night, and worked 20 hours per week, so I wasn’t just moping around doing nothing. However, I never found a time-sensitive routine that allowed me to do all of my work and keep my body healthy as a student. Now that I’m a full-fledged adult (kind of, not really), I’m balancing two jobs, freelance work, my blog, and a functioning social life. I’m still working on a proper sleeping schedule that gives me more than 4 hours in bed and a proactive approach to my daily blog, but somehow I’m balancing almost as much work now as I did in college! I’m working 7:45 a.m.-4:30 p.m. every day + 5-10 p.m. shifts at the Star-Advertiser on Wednesdays + freelance writing for Go Kapolei/Go Kailua magazines as well as Wasabi magazine + blogging every day + spending time with family and friends, so a quick learning process and schedule have showed me that I’m balancing (or learning to balance) work that requires a healthy body and mind. I’m still not getting enough sleep, but trying to be in bed by 12:30 a.m. on average has made me less exhausted when my 6 a.m. alarm clock goes off. I’ve been a completely shitty blogger over the past few months (or in general since I started this little blog) because I can’t seem to get a new post in on time, but keeping a running list of post ideas on my phone makes it a little easier to start and finish each piece quickly, even when I’m a day or two behind. I’m not freelancing as much as I would eventually like to, but my lack of consistent work is probably good considering my schedule is crazy hectic. I write maybe 1-2 pieces per month for the magazines and even then, I sometimes need an extension due to sources not responding or waiting for quotes to come in. On good days leading up to my deadlines, I like to start each article as soon as a possible and then fill in the gaps with each response that arrives in my inbox. The most difficult part of how I’m balancing every aspect of my life has been spending 8 hours in the office, 5 hours in the newsroom on certain nights, and coming home to make lunch and blog before showering and sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. I’ve gotten sick quite a few times recently, probably because of my overworking schedule and exhaustion, so I’m trying to stay as on top of my daily life as possible. What I’m trying to remind myself, especially during the most difficult and tiring days, is that taking a break and even calling in sick is okay. I’m not a failure because I need some time off, and neither are any of you!