How I Dutch Braid My Hair

My hair has grown well over the past year and I’ve discovered many different hairstyles to suit my moods. One of my most-worn styles is a dutch braid, which I learned accidentally. Dutch braids are similar to french braids except the braid goes on top of the hair as opposed to underneath. Here’s how to achieve two dutch braids:

  1. Part your hair down the middle.
  2. Take one side of your hair and separate it into three sections.
  3. Start to braid the hair but instead of crossing each section under each other, cross them over each other.
  4. After crossing the braid under twice, grab another section of hair and add it to the existing section. 
  5. Continue adding parts of hair to middle section until all of the hair from the scalp has been added into the braid. Remember to cross each section underneath the middle section rather than on top.
  6. Keep braiding the hair until you get to the bottom of the braid. 

And voilà! After a bit of practice, these braids are easy to achieve. I like to style my hair in two braids whenever I’m lazy or I’m wearing an especially girly outfit.