How I Cut My Hair in Layers At Home

Scissors used when I cut my hair

I previously mentioned how I haven’t been to a proper salon since 2018, so naturally, my hair has gone a bit wild. My curls have fallen flat in the back and underneath layers despite my aggressive scrunching every night, so for the second time in two years, I cut my hair at home with some hair scissors and slight precision (I will never be a hairdresser, that’s for sure). Although I’ve grown to adore my curls and never want straight hair again, the upkeep and amount of styling they require is extremely frustrating. I cut my hair at home now because I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a DevaCut (though I eventually will in NYC) when I could do a similar process by myself. Curls require layers so they don’t all blend together, which means I had to use the unicorn method of hair cutting in four separate chunks. I started by washing my hair with my normal shampoo and conditioner and squeezed out half of the water from my locks. I brushed out any tangles with a regular Wet Brush and then flipped my head upside down and brushed the curls straight with my Denman Brush. After my hair was properly smoothed, I pulled all of the curls into a ponytail at the middle of my forehead. Brushing through the hair once more, I cut approximately 2.5 inches of hair straight across the bottom and removed the rubber band. I then sectioned off smaller portions of hair each time (repeated four times) and cut 2 inches from those bottoms until I reached the smallest chunk of bangs. Once I was finished cutting, my hair was in a v-shape in the back and I had fairly blended layers. To style my hair, I applied my favorite Mixed Chicks Leave-In Conditioner and then the holy grail La Bella Extreme Sport Styling Gel to lock in each curl. The results are obviously not the exact same as I would have achieved at a salon, but I saved at least $100 and my curls are a lot bouncier and softer now!