How I Cut My Hair At Home

How I cut my hair

I’ve conducted my own haircuts since the beginning of 2020 when I desperately needed a cut without going to my childhood hairdresser. Non-curly hairstylists tend to have difficulties cutting coils as it’s an entirely different process than styling straight hair. For that reason, I’ve cut my hair at home with some hair scissors and slight precision (I will never be a hairdresser, that’s for sure) for the past 4.5 years on a semi-regular basis. Although I’ve grown to adore my curls and never want straight hair again (my probably uneven curly cut wouldn’t allow that!), the upkeep and amount of styling they require can be extremely frustrating. I cut my hair at home now because I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a DevaCut (though I would love to if I were ever in the US or internationally) when I could do a similar process by myself. Curls require layers so they don’t all blend together, which means I have to use the unicorn method of hair cutting in four separate chunks. I start by washing my hair with my normal shampoo and conditioner (I’ve recently switched to the Not Your Mother’s Naturals Shampoo and Conditioner) and squeeze out half of the water from my locks. I brush out any tangles with a regular Wet Brush and then flip my head upside down before brushing the curls straight with my Denman Brush. After my hair is properly smoothed, I pull all of the curls into a ponytail at the middle of my forehead. Brushing through the hair once more, I cut approximately 3-4 inches of hair straight across the bottom and remove the rubber band. I then section off smaller portions of hair each time (repeated around 4 times) and cut 2 inches from those bottoms until I reach the smallest chunk of bangs (this time I accidentally cut too much from my bangs). Once I finish cutting, my hair is in a v-shape in the back with fairly blended layers. To style my hair, I spray my lengths with the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Leave-In Conditioner and apply a quarter-size amount of Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Cream from the ends and work back to my roots for additional hydration. A palm-size dollop of Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Mousse goes through the roots for lots of lift and volume, and I rake layers of the Eco Style Krystal Styling Gel throughout my lengths for extra hold. I use the Denman Brush to ensure all of the products are evenly distributed, and I micro plop the water out from my hair using an old t-shirt. I diffuse my hair with my beloved Dyson Hair Dryer and scrunch out the crunch with argan oil!


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