How I Air Dry My Hair

How I air dry my hair
The back of my hair

Ensuring my hair is decently styled/groomed on a daily basis truly is the bane of my existence, so I’ve recently experimented with different ways to dry it. My hair is both my favorite physical characteristic of myself and also the most frustrating because I’m always trying to schedule stylings on the right days and extend wash days as long as possible. Every person with curly hair who styles their curls knows how difficult it is to go through the wash cycle and especially on a busy time frame. My recent favorite way to tame my curls after a thorough wash is to immediately double dutch braid them so I can wear them braided on day two, down on days three and four, and in a half up style or with clips on day four. Braiding is easy and allows me to fully extend my style for up to five days (I’ll usually wear a bun on the fifth day if I’m lucky), but I prefer how my locks look when they’re their curly selves instead of the waves I achieve from the former preparation. For that reason, I attempted to air dry my hair once again! I haven’t done a full air dry in a couple years since I discovered the magic of diffusing with the amazing Dyson Supersonic Dryer that eliminates all moisture within 20 minutes. Diffusing is definitely the quickest and most efficient way to dry my hair, but after raking enough product into my lengths to keep them hydrated and gel-locked, the whole styling process takes me around 2+ hours. To air dry, I applied the proper amounts of hydrating cream and gel (I’m still using this product routine) as necessary after getting out of the shower and I sprayed lots of water into my hair. I brushed my hair out and scrunched the lengths to encourage curl formation before plopping (remember this, Yonny??) for 40 minutes until damp! When I took the plopping t-shirt off after that allotted time, I flipped the way my hair was parted back and forth for volume until almost fully dry. My curls weren’t as tightly formed as they are through diffusing, but I love how much easier it is to air dry without using tons of product!