How Does One Find A Job in This Economy?

The search to find a job at home

I go through periods of thinking that the situation I’m currently in is more difficult than anything I’ve survived. I know, why am I like this? Instead of savoring the moments in front of me, I tend to focus on the negatives of my situation and yearn for the romanticized ease of my memories. In this case, I’m a 22-year-old college graduate with no visible employment opportunities and an inbox full of rejection letters and dammit, maybe I did have it better in school! Just kidding, no I didn’t. In short, how does one find a job in this economy? How do I take my $50,000 worth of debt and find a job where I can use the skills I acquired in college? One of the worst parts of being a recent college graduate is how many times I’m asked about my current work plans. I understand the search to find a job is basically the only upcoming excitement for university alumni, but as my career search continues to fizzle out and I receive rejection after rejection (ghosting is worse though), I don’t want to discuss my lack of future plans. Perhaps I’m being whiny or unnecessarily irritable, but times are tough, people, and the job market seems less than hopeful. I often question whether my resume is actually as well rounded as I think it is and if I’m truly qualified for any job at all. My three years of communications work and experience in childcare, poverty awareness, and criminal justice offices seemed like enough to find a job of my interest at home, but now I’m not so sure. I’ll only be in HawaiĘ»i for a year, so my current job wish list is any work that helps people and makes a difference. And hell, if I can use my writing and/or communications savvy, even better. If I’m being too harsh on myself three weeks post Waco, then so be it. But at this point, I’m about ready to delete my LinkedIn account and every cover letter template and sleep for the next year instead!