How Do We Feel About Me in Bucket Hats?

Questioning my taste in bucket hats

I’ve always put effort into styling my hair for every occasion, taking advantage of the clips, pins, baubles, and barrettes I most likely batch bought from Claire’s or Icing as a small child. I used to attend the same school my mom teaches at, so she likes reminiscing about how my hair would be braided or tied up in a ponytail at the start of the school day and I’d have two or three different hairstyles by the time lunch and pick up occurred. Are you surprised? I don’t style and restyle my hair multiple times a day now that I’m grown, but I still love and employ colorful accessories like ribbons, scarves, clips, and pins for my braids, buns, and ponytails. One type of hair accessory I haven’t realized is hats as I’ve never felt they suit my face/massive head/hair/style/etc.! I love the concept of pairing baseball hats with braids and ribbons up top, a form-fitting girly dress, and chunky rubber boots for a complete mishmash of styles and textures. However, I haven’t found the perfect baseball hat for my specific head. Instead, I recently attempted styling bucket hats, nay, hat in the form of this green and gold Baylor one that I’m obsessed with! I confidently believe I could wear/style any Baylor merchandise (a green and gold silk Baylor scarf has been around my neck and/or handbag since my bff Lo gave it to me last month) without issue because the color combination flows easily in my styling mind. For that reason, experimenting with bucket hats in the Baylor theme is my new fashion endeavor. How do we feel about such a feat? I need to incorporate more sporty/heavy/masculine/dark elements in my closet as I could inadvertently become a polly pocket girl with my ribbons and bows and frilly socks and jewelry stacks. I think my first bucket hat could be key to my wardrobe attempts moving forward!