Hopping Back into My Creative Hobbies

My creative hobbies

I started two new jobs at the beginning of this year (a girl’s gotta eat, shop, save for NYC, pay her student loans, pay her credit card bill, pay for parking…I didn’t even ask to be born and everything is expensive!) and while they’re both entirely related to my personal goals and interests (Felony Clerk at the Office of the Public Defender and Sports Clerk at the Honolulu Star-Advertiser!!) and I love them, my priorities have been out of the loop lately. Who knew that working two jobs, trying to maintain a social life, blog every day (okay, I know it’s not actually every single day…sorry), and sleep at a normal hour where the moon is still out would be an impossible way of living? Because my life has become ultra busy, I’ve recently tried to encourage my hobbies as much as possible whenever I get the chance. My two loves aside from football and incarceration news is music and poetry (obviously), and I’ve neglected both of those hobbies for quite some time now. Ever since I quit marching band after my freshman year at Baylor, I haven’t been playing music as much as I’d like, so I want to make sure I don’t lose my familiarity with my guitar and the other wacky instruments I have scattered about my room. Because I’ve been completely obsessed with the self-titled Ex:Re album since its release, I find myself reaching for my guitar more and more, trying to figure out Elena’s complex ways of fingering and plucking at the strings. Music was my first great love, so I don’t want to lose that in any way. My other favorite of my hobbies, poetry, is another skill that takes time and effort, so I’m using a separate notebook just for those ideas and lines. Whenever I have extra time at work or I’m not actively doing anything, I’ll keep my notebook open and scribble whatever comes to mind. I also love using my notes app on my iPhone because I tend to get my best ideas in the shower and I can jot them down as soon as they arrive. I recently wrote what might be in my top three favorite poems about something I’m currently going through and I hope in the future, I’ll be okay enough to share it with you all.