Homecoming Weekend with Dad

The fall semester always seems long because it’s a three month stretch before our first real break. While many of my classmates head home for weekends and fall break (aka three day weekend), I waste away in my apartment…just kidding I’m always working or eating with my bosses/friends. Homecoming weekend is the mini sabbatical I need where my dad comes to visit! My first homecoming was with dad during my sophomore year in high school as I realized I wanted to go to Baylor (it also featured the football game where I fell in love with the sport). We returned to Texas with mom for homecoming in 2014 right after I was accepted as a future student and that experience was unlike any before. Dad has been coming to visit me for that weekend the past two years and it’s the highlight of my semester. Although I’m busy with work throughout the weekend, it’s wonderful knowing I’ll see my dad every day and we’ll experience the same traditions together. He arrived in Waco today and I introduced him to my favorite sensei and my best work friends before we inhaled our Health Camp meals and went to the soccer game and bonfire/traditions rally. I can’t wait to spend the rest of the weekend together!