Hello Fresh vs. Freshly Experiences

I’ve tried a couple of meal delivery services as of late and I wanted to compare two of my favorite options! Meal kits are life-saving choices for people who are busy and/or lack creativity in the kitchen. I love cooking and both Hello Fresh and Freshly provide delicious meals in a fraction of the time it would take to prep and prepare my own food! Hello Fresh is my favorite of the two because it’s an easy multiple step meal process, which includes every ingredient needed in exact measurements. It allows me to create healthy and flavorful dinners using the step-by-step instructions without creating any waste! I use the plan that includes three different meals with two servings per meal for approximately $60/week. Freshly is a different type of service that provides one serving of pre-made meals that only require microwaving. I like to refer to it as a glamorous frozen dinner option. With Freshly, different chefs create complex and delicious meals that I can use as one part of a larger feast. I choose six different meals for the week for $60! If you want to try new dinner options without wasting produce, check out either Hello Fresh or Freshly!