Hawaii Bookmark ʻOhe Earrings

I recently shared my newest favorite Koa earring shop, Hawaii Bookmarks. The artisans of the local brand handcraft Koa earrings, accessories and bookmarks with native plants and kapa designs. I picked ʻOhe as my first pair because ʻOhe was my seventh grade team at Kamehameha. The design is gorgeous and although the earrings are long, they’re extremely lightweight. I wore them with a tita bun as soon as they arrived and I felt like I had at last achieved aunty status. Once I throw on a Manuhealiʻi dress, these earrings and my Hawaiian bracelet, I will become exactly the type of Hawaiian girl I’ve always wanted to be. The earrings add a native touch to any outfit and I like how unique they are in a sea of Kendra Scott jewelry on the mainland. The creator of Hawaii Bookmarks also refunded me nearly half the price of my earrings because I didn’t know there’s an ongoing discount for Merrie Monarch! When local business owners treat their customers with that much care and generosity, it shows me why I must support them as much as I can!