Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou

Did 2018 even happen? Or, alternatively, why did 2018 go on forever? I mean…Black Panther came out this year! I watched Call Me By Your Name for the first time (and the second time, and the 12th time, and the 48th time…) this year! Holy hell 2018 saw the Thai boys stuck in the cave, mass protests over the Tr*mp administration’s separation of families at the border, mass protests over Kava*augh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Beychella, the Queer Eye series premiere, California wildfires, victories for women of color in the midterms, and real life Scandal shit in the rigging of the same election. The government shut down thrice over 12 months, Tr*mp and co. continued to torture and murder immigrants, incarcerated people across the country went on strike to protest their inhumane living conditions, Melania Tr*mp broadcasted her lack of care for immigrants on a jacket…when she went to visit said immigrants, Hawaiʻi erupted in chaos over a false missile attack warning, America helped the Saudi Arabian prince murder Jamal Khashoggi, and over 987 people have been killed by cops this year. I’d say it’s well past time to kick 2018’s ass out the proverbial door and welcome 2019 with open arms and hearts, ready for Special Counsel Mueller to get his shit together and finally bring down Tr*mp, his family, and all of his friends and associates for their crimes against humanity (and America). I can only hope that 2019 brings justice for incarcerated people, victims of police violence, houseless people, those in smaller countries around the world devastated by natural disasters, and the overwhelming population of oppressed communities. I hope that 2019 is kind and compassionate, full of joy and laughter and new experiences, and overflowing with love and justice (did I also just describe the perfect man?). I’ll see you all in the New Year!