Happy Early Birthday, Megan!

My only sister Megan’s 30th birthday is tomorrow! It feels like just yesterday we were fist punching and scratching each other in the backseat of our grandparent’s car while grandma threatened to drop us off at the bus stop if we didn’t stop fighting. Ah sweet memories. Decades later and we only inflict verbal violence upon each other now! I’m just kidding, we’re actually nice most of the time. Except when she makes me really mad, which is always. Megan is legitimately one of the smartest people I know, which has always been super annoying especially when I was in high school and had all of the same teachers she had. Fortunately, most of those teachers overlooked my academic shittiness because she positively influenced them almost into a trance from which I freely accepted all benefits! I guess she was good for something. Nowadays, we share most of the same loves for books, music, and tv shows like *whispers* The Bachelorette (always and forever obsessed with Gabby and formerly Tayshia), Manchester Orchestra, and New Girl. One of Megan’s worst qualities is her need to know the ending of every single episode and movie we watch and she always needs to tell the rest of us what happens. It’s infuriating and when we watched more of the same shows at the same time, I would often scream at her in annoyance. My favorite part of our relationship now is that I get to show up in her apartment unexpectedly while she’s napping because I live right above her! She benefits from my appearances because she gets to shower when I watch her only child—my nephew Porky aka Kona. Sometimes she even gives me the foods she makes including the strawberry scones she recently baked that were even better than Sure Shot’s (I was supposed to make this a nice post, so that was the nice inclusion even if it’s almost not true). I should also mention that she wrote a book and you should buy it here! I’m deeply afraid of aging out of my 20s, so I’m glad Megan has to do so first! Happy early birthday Megan, you’re a swell sister whose positive qualities slightly outweigh the negatives!