Happy Birthday Mom!

Hauʻoli lā hānau iā ʻoe to my favorite lady on the planet! Although she is tiny, she is the strongest person I know (I’ve only witnessed one of her physical altercations in the past…no wonder Disneyland gives me trauma) and is always ready to defend the people she loves. As I’ve become more invested in the criminal justice system and other social issues, mom has fully supported me and fought back with me. She is always there to listen to my frustrated rants over devastating political moves and systemic injustices and now advocates for marginalized groups whenever she can. Mom gave me her independence, compassion, and scrappiness and I could never live without her. Thank you, mom, for showing me what it means to be powerful and empathetic and have a career of my own. You are my ever present biggest fan and I love you more than everything. Happy birthday!